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5 Secret CV Tactics to Make Employers Want YOU

interns + grads Mar 08, 2022
5 CV Tactics to Make Employers Want YOU

Time to hit you with some COLD, HARD, DATA to get that CV fire-burning in ya today! According to 'recruiters spend 6-8 seconds reviewing your CV before they decide whether it is suitable for the role or not.' Meaning you have 6-8 seconds to make that all-important impression before they put you in the yes or thank you-next (no), pile.

When I hire at FYI and those CVs come rolling into my inbox, I truly know within seconds if they are the ones for the role or not. Like meeting your love match, you just know. You know if they are a bit of you or not. You get the feeling. You can't stop thinking about them. You imagine your life with them in it. It's honesty exactly like that.

So, I have a few nifty tricks up my sleeve to show you HOW to WOW, in seconds.  



You don't have to put your heart and soul into a creative CV for every role because sometimes it's not always necessaryBut if you have the time, REALLY want the role, and have a great idea — absolutely go for it! There is nothing to lose. If you don't get the role you can turn it into content and pop on your Linkedin (thus drumming up potential interest from other employers), social media AND it can go into your portfolio! Plus it's a bit of practice for next time.

Need some visual inspo? Ex-FYI Member, Phoebe, had incredible success with her Creative CV after it got her a role at Beauty Bay. What worked about this CV? It was clean, sleek, professional, simple, on-brand and smart.

βœ… Top tip: Creative CVs are perfect for small brands and when you reach out.



Showcasing testimonials from previous employers are so powerful, not just to have on your website and LinkedIn — but pop one on your CV too! Why do brands and businesses have testimonials? To back up what they claim. It's no different for you! Adding a short and sharp quote from a previous employer to show how amazing you are will definitely catch their eye. It doesn't matter if this is from a bar job or a fashion-related role, it will speak about your character and your work ethic in a sentence. This is also great for instances when you don't have as much relevant experience. Fill out your CV with these.

βœ… Top Tip: Don't have a previous employer? Get a testimonial from a tutor, friend, or family member.



Seeing as recruiters spend on average 6-8 seconds scanning a CV, let's go that extra mile to really show 'em your skills. In your 'Work Experience' section, it's great to write about your roles and responsibilities in bullet points. Adding an extra 'Key Skills Acquired' section will really make the skills you learned in that role SHINE. From a role working in retail or a big brand, this is the bit employers really want to know — yes you took on a role, but what did you learn? What did you take from it? How did you progress?



It's very common to just list your skills in the 'Skills' section on your CV, but realistically employers want to see evidence — they want to see proof. Reflect the top skills needed for the role in your 'Work Experience' section and if you have a skills section, think about listing relevant skills but with an extra something... List around 4 core/relevant skills that you know the brand is really looking for along with some proof. For example:


Social Media Strategy
Whilst at [brand] I helped grow their Social Media account by 2k in 2 months.

Copywriting for Fashion
Undertaken 2 editorial roles at Vogue and i-D, plus launched my own popular fashion blog and YouTube channel.

Self-taught, plus I undertook an additional 30+ hours of Adobe tutorials at Uni. Find my strongest PS work here.

βœ… TOP TIP: Throw in some numbers and stats wherever possible.



I'm talking about your 'About Me' or 'Profile' section on your CV — your 'sell' to the employer. As this is the first section the employer will see, this should be a short section that rounds you up as a creative, an employee, and an individual. It should simply be a few sentences that tells the employer who you are, what your skills are, and what strengths you have. But the magic ingredient? Don't forget to show your personality and use language that isn't generic. Just make sure it's professional and brand-focused. Let's say I was going for a role as a Graphic Designer at a fashion magazine. I would add something like this to my Profile:

'A fashion-editorial obsessed Creative with a vibrant collection of Vogue Magazine, dating back to 1945 (I have 345 to be exact!). Constant browsing and referencing these throughout the years, has ensured my editorial design-eye stays sharp, informed and inspired'.



If you want some more CV Magic from me, grab our CV FREEBIE πŸ‘‡ 

As ever, I believe in ya.

Jasmine 🌸



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