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Posted on Jul 30, 2020

I have spoken about the powers of LinkedIn and how it's such a powerful tool for finding potential opportunities nowadays! My fave tip for getting the ball rolling with LinkedIn is dedicating 10 mins+ a day to help you stay focused and consistent. So what better way to show something works with a little bit of proven success from FYI Member Charlie Allen! Here is her incredible success story:

'I am a Fashion Design student going into my placement year. I was successful in finding a fashion design placement with a lingerie company through LinkedIn. Before FYI I didn't understand Linkedin and didn't have the confidence to even try too. I tried the tip of setting out ten minutes every day to focus on the site which helped me so much! This allowed me to familiarise myself with it, build up my profile along with having the confidence to add everybody and anybody in the industry and I now have a network of over 200 when it used to be 0!

I had the tagline in my bio 'Actively looking for internships and placements' which really helped as I connected unexpectedly with the right person just as they were looking for an intern. They had not advertised the role anywhere either so being proactive was really crucial. They also said how they really liked that my CV, Portfolio, and website were on the site so it was like I had applied before even applying!'

Hats off Honey, I am so proud of you!


1. Wanna send a LinkedIn note to someone and get their attention ASAP? Ensure you go through their profile first and find some common ground. For example: maybe you have a shared connection, or they went to the same University as you — mention it! Common ground is a great way to form that initial connection and increase the chance of a response. For example, when I was reaching out to Refinery 29, I noticed the editor went to a University in my hometown, so straight away I mentioned it in the note and we instantly formed a conversation based on that.

2. Much like the above, get as specific as possible! Trawl through the profile of a connection you really want and take a look at their articles or the articles/posts they have shared. If you agree with them on their opinion or thoughts on something, pull it out and tell them — as it creates instant engagement. For example, they may have written a post about the fact that they don't agree with an intern creating a week-long project for an internships application. So you would write in your note/message that you too don't agree and why or even mention a personal experience. Again, it opens up the dialogue and will help you to start a discussion.

All FYI LinkedIn Tips can be found in the Digital section of the FYI Handbook.

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